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wildlife bookWildlife of the Channel Islands

A vivid picture of the Islands’ rich and varied natural history. We visit each special habitat in turn: cliffs and heaths are followed by reefs and islets, beaches and dunes, and rocky shores. To these are added a survey of life beneath the waves as well as a stroll through the Islands’ interiors. A further chapter invites the interested reader to places where local nature may be best observed. Sue’s descriptions are accompanied by some 240 superb colour photographs to make her book a glorious celebration of the natural history of a special group of islands, an inheritance she urges us to do all we can to protect. (Full colour, soft back, 220 pages)

marine life book

Marine Life of the Channel Islands

An easy-to-use guide to the marine fauna of the Channel Islands contains pictures and descriptions of 160 creatures divided into chapters by family, each chapter with its own descriptive introduction. All the pictures were taken under water, showing each animal in its natural environment. Each description gives dimensions and details of habitat, along with some interesting pieces of information about the way in which certain creatures have been involved in the lives of Channel Islanders over the years. (Full colour, hard back, 96 pages.)