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The Gardens

La Seigneurie Gardens in Sark, an enchanting oasis where history meets horticulture. This film follows the life of the gardens, their wildlife and those who work here through a year which sees the greatest changes of the last three decades. It includes interviews with Mr and Mrs Beaumont and the gardeners, the royal visit and the Grand Autumn Show. It not only encompasses the charm and beauty of the Gardens but the unique character of Sark itself. (Photographed, produced & edited by Sue Daly, music by Marc Mitchell, running time - 42 mins)

Available by mail order from Sue Daly for £9.95 including postage within the UK or click Buy Now.


Wild East (promo)

This is the promo for a 46 minute documentary, the third in a series of films commissioned by the National Trust for Jersey as part of their Coastline Campaign. In Wild East National Trust president and well-known Jersey conservationist Mike Stentiford walks the coast of Jersey from Rozel to Seymour Tower exploring the history and wildlife he encounters along the way. The film will be launched by the National Trust for Jersey later this year and will be available for sale on DVD. (The first two films in the Coastline Campaign, Wild North and Wild West Jersey are still available on DVD from the National Trust for Jersey.)