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sue in canadaStills library

Sue has an extensive library of natural history images from the British Isles and further afield. She specialises in underwater work and has an extensive knowledge of British marine life. As well as illustrating five of her own books, Sue's stills have been used extensively in publications on British marine life as well as in UK diving magazines and BBC Wildlife magazine.

Sue's stills are available from two of the top natural history libraries, Nature Picture Library and Splashdown Direct, both based in Bristol. If you're interested in any of the images on this site check first to see if they're listed with either of the libraries by searching under 'Sue Daly' on their web sites. If the image you require is not there contact Sue Daly.

Video library
Sue has been filming underwater since 2001 and has over a hundred hours of footage from the waters around the British Isles. She also has underwater footage from the Red Sea, Mediterranean and New Zealand. Sue has been filming above water on her own digi beta camera for five years and has a very compreshensive library of footage of Channel Island wildlife.