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Sark Location Services

tractor 1Through her own experience as a cameraman and film-maker Sue has come to understand the needs of visiting camera crews to Sark and is now able to offer help moving equipment and key personnel around the island, as well as being able to offer advice on the best filming locations. There are no cars on the island so moving around is on foot or by bicycle which is tiring and time consuming with camera equipment. Tractors are allowed on Sark but strict licencing laws mean that they are only permitted to be used for agricultural and delivery use or other essential work based on a person’s profession. Sue has a special licence to use a tractor and link box specifically to help visiting camera crews make the most of their precious time on the island and is able to:tractor 2

The cost for this service is £70 for half a day (up to five hours), £140 for a day (up to ten hours).

Other facilities Sue can offer are:tractor 3

Actress Alison Steadman and the crew from Renegade Productions with the Sark Location Services trusty tractor during the filming of Little British Isles.