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Sark Past and Present published by Blue Islands

Sark Past & Present
Through the use of 174 fascinating old photographs, Sue takes us on a tour of her home island of Sark to reveal its unique history and compare how it looked in the past with its appearance in the present. To stand in the footsteps of the original photographers she has scrambled up cliffs, dodged bicycles in the car-free lanes and even been dangled by crane. As well as bringing together an intriguing collection of old photographs she has also captured a snap-shot of life on this beautiful island in the early 2020s. 
Published by Blue Ormer
Hardback, 22cm x 22cm, 144 pages, £25

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Wild Sark
In this beautiful collection of images photographer Sue Daly celebrates the stunning landscapes and fascinating wildlife of her home Channel Island of Sark throughout the seasons. From the natural treasures of the Gouliot caves and Sark’s star-filled night skies to the seabird colonies on the off-shore reefs and the surprisingly colourful life beneath the waves, she reveals the beauty of the common and highlights the fragility and rarity of the very special aspects of Sark’s natural history. 
Published by Blue Ormer
Limited edition of 300 (numbered)
Hardback, 27cm x 27cm, 212 pages, £35

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Wild Sark published by Blue Island publishing
Marine Life of the Channel Islands published by Small Island Publishing

Marine Life of the Channel Islands
The sea around the Channel Islands is home to wonderful variety of marine life from the exotic corals and colourful fishes in the depths to the crabs, anemones and seashells on the shore. This book is the perfect guide to this intriguing underwater world and is beautifully illustrated with photographs showing each animal in its natural habitat. Each chapter deals with a different group of animals, opening with a fascinating description of its biology and lifestyle. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the natural history of these islands be they a scuba diver, fisherman, snorkeller or rock pool explorer. 
Published by Small Island Publishing
Softback, 20cm x 30cm, 287 pages, £25

Contact Sue to order & for details of postage & payment

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