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Sue makes pendants, earring and brooches out of vitreous enamel and fine silver. Vitreous enamel is powdered, coloured glass that melts and forms a permanent bond with the silver when fired in a kiln. She uses a combination of saw and solder champlevé techniques (to create a recess to fill with enamel) along with the use of flattened wire to add details to the design, a process called cloisonné.

Sark's natural history provides the inspiration for Sue's designs, particularly the movement and patterns within the seas around the island with starfish, seed pods and swirling seashells featuring in her pieces. She has also made pendants based on the designs of Bronze Age amulets discovered on Sark in recent years.

Prices from £55 to £140, for sale at Lorraine's Pottery on Sark or contact Sue for more details.

Starfish pendants_1
Star pendants
Round swirly pendant
Sark amulets
Swirl pendants
Ormer pendant & earrings
Nautilus shell pendants
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